The Summer Fellows work on translational projects in bladder cancer and present their findings at the annual Symposium.

2019 Fellows:

Linda Bui: Impact of cell cycle control mechanism on DNA promoter hypermethylation in bladder cancer.

Austin Martin: PDK4 Regulation by MIR182.

2018 Fellows:

Amanda Schall: Identification on transcriptional master regulators of basal-squamous bladder cancer.

Van Schloegel: Characterization of KPNA2 and microRNA-26b in Bladder Cancer

Jordan Barney: mPGES1 as a Therapeutic Target in Bladder Cancer

2017 Fellows:

Russel Grant Owens: Strain-dependent differences on carcinogen susceptibility in bladder cancer

Matt Ayres: PDK4 – A possible therapeutic target for high grade bladder cancer.

2016 Fellows:

Chris Yee: Addiction on bladder cancer on the oncogene HRAS

James Nolan: Chemotherapeutic induced blebbishield program in urothelial carcinoma cells – a model system to identify chemo resistance targets

2015 Fellows: 

Syed Alam: G1P3 and Cisplatin Resistance in High Grade Bladder Cancer

Nora Gibson: The Role of Osteopontin in Bladder Cancer Chemoresistance




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